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At NAWBO-LA, we know all about the needs of women business owners. We especially know about the particular challenges that women entrepreneurs face as they strive to take their established business to the next level. The PEAK Leadership Academy is an exceptional learning opportunity for peak-performing women business owners that challenges and inspires, all while making the most of their participation through immediately usable information and invaluable new business relationships.

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Here’s what past PEAK Leadership Academy participants have to say:


“I did not expect to learn such bottom-line action steps that raised my consciousness and changed my everyday thinking about business growth and effectiveness. Never before did I realize and employ these components of growth that have actually changed my approach to work and results. PEAK worked for me, even after owning and growing two companies. No longer is it my energy alone that drives the engine.”  – Betsy Berkhemer-Credaire, President, Berkhemer Clayton, Inc.



“NAWBO-LA’s PEAK Leadership Academy gave me the opportunity to   work on my company from the outside in. The expert guidance of Yvonne Randle and the collective wisdom of a roomful of women business owners who generously shared the lessons of their hard-won success made the entire experience incredibly worthwhile…and provided me with a blueprint for re-envisioning my business.”  – Bonnie Nijst, President/CEO, Zeesman Communications, Inc.


 “Every woman business owner should take the PEAK Leadership Academy as her guide of starting or growing a business. The program gave me the opportunity to update my skills and work with colleagues from different industries, sharing our experiences.”  – Maria de Lourdes Sobrino, Founder and CEO, Lulu’s Dessert® Corporation


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