Why should I join NAWBO-LA?
You should join NAWBO-LA because starting and growing a business is a complex endeavor. Success doesn’t happen in a vacuum. There are skills you need to develop, strategic partnerships you need to establish, employees you need to hire, and a political and economic environment you need to consider. NAWBO-LA – through its meetings and events, educational programs, corporate sponsorships, and the expertise and experience within the membership itself – is the resource you need to help you navigate the different phases of your business growth.

How is NAWBO-LA different from other professional organizations?
NAWBO-LA is different in that we constantly strive to meet and integrate the range of needs of our members. Whether we’re providing opportunities for professional and business development, influencing public policy, changing the business environment in which we compete, or impacting the communities in which we live, NAWBO-LA is focused on the member as a whole person – entrepreneur, leader in her community and individual.

What benefits do I get with NAWBO-LA membership?
The most important benefit of membership in NAWBO-LA is being part of a group of amazing women entrepreneurs, all dedicated to growing their businesses, developing themselves personally and professionally and making a difference in their communities. Being a member of NAWBO-LA also means you have a unique opportunity to learn from other members, as well as help fellow business owners by sharing your own hard-won experience.

What can I expect in terms of new business?
If you need to have an immediate return in revenue on the dollars you spend on membership, then NAWBO-LA may not be the organization for you. We encourage our members to look at membership in NAWBO-LA as they would an investment. It should be seen as one piece of a total portfolio of investments that you make toward your business growth. Most of us don’t expect a financial investment to payoff overnight, in a month or even in one year. Financial and professional “portfolios” both require patience and a long-term view. And as with anything worthwhile, the return is often in keeping with what you’re able to put into it in time and effort.

How can I get the most out of my NAWBO-LA membership?
There are lots of ways to deepen your involvement with NAWBO-LA. The best way is to be a presence and build relationships with other members. You should attend events, meet board members and introduce yourself to our partners and sponsors. Here are some other ways to maximize your membership:

  • Purchase an exhibit table at our meetings and mixers
  • Make yourself available to the organization as a volunteer
  • Purchase a table at the Annual Leadership and Legacy Awards Luncheon or become an Event Co-Chair for this prestigious event
  • Run an ad in the Annual Leadership and Legacy Awards Luncheon program book
  • Show your interest in a leadership role with the organization
  • Become more visible by recruiting new members to the organization
  • Donate raffle prizes for various events as a way to create visibility for yourself and your company

What is your policy for guest attendance at events?
NAWBO-LA welcomes guests and non-members to attend up to three (3) events prior to becoming a member or corporate partner.  For more information on the benefits of NAWBO-LA individual membership, click here.  For more details on the benefits of corporate partnership with NAWBO-LA, click here.

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